The State and PEF have an interest in maximizing the effectiveness of operations, the delivery of quality services and the promotion of a satisfied work force. To further this interest, the parties endorse the labor/management process as an appropriate means to identify and understand workplace issues and develop viable solutions. The State and PEF intend to foster an ongoing, communicative relationship in which the parties are encouraged to speak freely and resolve issues within the labor/management forum. The State and PEF shall cooperate in using training and other mutually agreed upon methods, within available resources, to assist agendy and local level labor/management committees to be more effective. The PEF Labor Management Team meets as needed, but at least twice per year.


Labor/Management Team

  • Jeff Odrobina, Co-Team leader

  • Ramsey Kahi, Co-Team Leader

  • Daniel Paskie

  • Tom Lozinsky Jr.

  • Justin Przepasniak.

  • Greg Torchia

  • Tanika Blanc

  • Paul Uebelhoer

  • Jim Henesey

  • Aleksandr Klimov

  • Wendy Johnston

  • Art Munson - Div 219 Field Representitive

Labor/Management Meeting Minutes