PEF Endorses the Re-election of NYS Senator Neil Breslin

PEF and Sen. Neil Breslin’s re-election campaign held a press conference Friday, August 31, in East Capitol Park, Albany to announce the union’s support for Breslin’s bid for re-election in the state’s 44th Senate District in Albany County.  PEF represents more than 5,000 working men and women in the 44th SD.

“PEF is proud to announce its endorsement of Senator Neil Breslin’s re-election campaign,” PEF Region 8 coordinator Nikki Brate said.  “He has long been a champion of working people, the middle class, public employees and the civil service system, often expressing concern about the growing privatization of public-sector jobs that cost taxpayers more money for the same work.  I will be working with our regional stewards, political action delegates, retirees and members to encourage them to, not only vote for Senator Breslin in the primary September 13th, but to work hard for his re-election.”
PEF Vice President Wayne Bayer said he has supported Senator Breslin since he first ran for the NYS Senate 16 years ago, and the Senator has never let him or his constituents down.  “Neil Breslin has been there time and again fighting for PEF and for working people.  Not only do we need to be there for him, we want to be there for him Thursday, September 13, so we can keep one of the strongest voices for working people and the middle class in the Senate for another two years.
Senator Breslin thanked PEF for its support, saying, “The hard working men and women of the Public Employees Federation are the foundation of our state government. I have always pushed to have state government be more responsive to the needs of all New Yorkers, not just the privileged few, and I am deeply honored to have my efforts recognized by PEF.  I will continue to stand with labor and our state’s excellent public employees as we work together to build a better state for the future,”.

Throughout his career Senator Breslin, a life-long Democrat, has consistently demonstrated his commitment to core progressive Democratic values such as improving the educational system for all New York children, helping working families, protecting women’s hard-won rights and making health care more affordable.  For more information about Senator Breslin’s campaign, please visit: