Donations for PEF Downstate Members Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Hi All:   See below the needs of our members in the downstate area!!!!   If you want to leave your donation at the regional office, I will make sure the stuff get to the people down state.   Money will be welcomed as well.   I will keep you apprised of all the needs.

Thanks.  Kevin

Good Afternoon,

We are planning on bringing more needed supplies downstate this weekend, and in the weeks to come.  We know that many of your members have been anxious to help out with relief efforts.  If you would like to reach out to your members to start collecting donations, we will work with you (those of you specifically in upstate locations) on arrangements to get the items so we can transport them to our members downstate.

We are hearing that residents in the Rockaways are in desperate need of clothing donations. Specifically:

-adult outerwear: winter coats, scarves, gloves and hats -all children's clothing: shirts, sweaters, pants, outerwear including mittens; underwear (new not donated).  Connie, Jemma and Sheik - please let us all know what other specific items are needed.

Thanks very much,